Preventing IT security incidents

CERT Societe Generale (Computer Emergency Response Team) is an operational team responsible for preventing and responding to security incidents affecting the Societe Generale Group.


CERT Societe Generale is involved in four types of activities


cybersecurity incidents by collecting intelligence about threats and actors


cybersecurity incidents occurring on the information system and helping in their resolutions


a technological watch on cybersecurity and vulnerabilities (software and hardware)


tools for the cybersecurity community

The CERT is an internal / external point of contact to deal with every cybersecurity related problem impacting Societe Generale Group.

Two teams

The Blue team anticipates cybercriminal threats and handle the cyber security incidents for the whole group.

The Red team assesses the maturity of the security measures deployed, trains defensive security teams to improve the whole group security posture.

Contact us

For any security incident notification in which the Societe Generale group is the source or target of an attack, or any other breach, you can contact the CERT Societe Generale 24/7.