CERT Societe Generale (Computer Emergency Response Team) is an operational team in charge of preventing and helping to resolve information security incidents targeting the Societe Generale Group.

The main CERT activities are the following:

  • analyse security incidents occurring on the information system and fix them;
  • analyse Internet threats (for example, cybercrime-related), inform the involved actors, propose mitigation solutions in order to reduce the risk;
  • spot hardware and software vulnerabilities being a potential threat for the information system and inform the relevant managers;
  • provide an advanced technological security watch.

CERT Societe Generale is also an internal/external relay for information security issues.

Our RFC 2350 is available here (signature).

CERT Societe Generale is in charge of centralizing information security incidents within the company and taking actions if necessary. This gives a macroscopic view on the global risk level of the company. This also helps to enforce a quicker response since an incident can occur at different places.

Any internal correspondant can request help from the CERT team in case of information security incident.

CERT Societe Generale, with its permanent watch activity, has a very good understanding of the security-related issues and threats on the Information System. Along with its consulting capabilities, CERT Societe Generale has developed its operational capabilities allowing take action on site and directly helping the victims.

CERT Societe Generale's operational capabilities are:

  • technical expertises developed internally;
  • internal methodologies ;
  • Cheat sheets providing advice for a rapid incident handling, sent to any actor notifying a security incident ;
  • analysis tools and hardware regrouped inside a "jump bag".

CERT Societe Generale efficiently manages security incidents within the Societe Generale Group.

Decisions regarding the action plan rely upon the experience and the competences in incident handling of CERT's members. Procedures and tools help to improve the incident reaction.

Internal Societe Generale correspondants can rely upon CERT Societe Generale for the following actions:

  • understand, contain and remediate to a threat ;
  • contact external correspondants ;
  • coordinate technical and legal actions ;

External correspondants can contact CERT societe generale for the following actions:

  • warn about an incident ;
  • ask for advice and help;

There are various threats targeting banking firms on Internet (phishing, scam, cybersquatting, typosquatting, domain hijacking, etc.). Techniques employed by fraudsters are permanently evolving. Monitoring services are enforced to identify these threats.

When a fraudulent content is detected, the Internet and cybercrime watch allows to quickly taking corrective actions.

The Internet and cybercrime watch is divided into several processes:

  • monitoring of several communication channels, sites or resources potentially threatening the Societe Generale Group ;
  • Internet investigation ;
  • fraudulent content deletion;
  • analysis and follow-up of the current cybercrime issues ;

CERT Societe Generale is the main entry point for the processing of vulnerabilities notifications targeting the whole Group Information System. Actions led by the CERT as part of this mission are the following:

  • collect and aggregate vulnerabilities ;
  • qualify information and define a severity level ;
  • alert and help the relevant correspondants involved into the issues ;

This service allows security correspondants to gain knowledge about the new vulnerabilities impacting their perimeter in order to deploy security fixes or mitigation measures.

CERT Societe Generale has made available a technological watch service reporting the latest security news to all the internal correspondents. A daily newsletter referencing the most interesting articles of the day is sent by email

This bulletin also allows to broadcast relevant information about security issues and consequences for the companies to all the correspondants in the Societe Generale Group