Welcome to the CERT Societe Generale website !

CERT Societe Generale is a structure in charge of handling information security incidents and cybercrime issues targeting the Societe Generale Group.

This website showcases the activities of CERT Societe Generale. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any remark or question.

Latest news

2015-01-20: FIC 2015

Download the presentation and the whitepaper of the "Contenus illicites : de la détection au retrait" (French) workshop in the publication area.

2014-11-12: BOTCONF 2014

We are proud to sponsor for the 2nd time the BOTCONF conference, which will be held on December 3rd, 4th & 5th in Nancy, France.

2014-03-19 : Société Générale is now a member of the CECyF

Société Générale renews its commitment against cybercrime joining the CECyf.

2013-11-01: BOTCONF 2013

CERT Société Générale is proud to announce the sponsorship of the BOTCONF conference, which will be held on December 5th and 6th in Nantes, France.

2011-12-01: Web Blog available

In order to leverage information sharing and promote security transparency on banking issues, CERT Societe Generale opens its blog! Blog area

2011-07-21: Global IRM package (with all IRM cheat sheets included) available for download.

All IRM have now been released and are made available in a package file that you can download. Publication area

2011-04-28: IRM (Incident Response Methodologies) now for public use.

CERT Societe Generale has created a pack of internal best practices to handle incidents. Each week, one new IRM will be added on the website until the whole pack is made available. Publication area

2010-07-12: CERT Societe Generale is now on Twitter

Follow us on @CertSG

2010-02-01: FIRST approval

CERT Societe Generale is now a member of the CERT community recognized by FIRST(Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams).
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2009-10-01: Launch of the website!

2009-09-14: Trusted Introducer registration

CERT Societe Generale is now officially referenced with the other European CERTs. Societe Generale is the first French company having registered its internal CERT.
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2009-08-25: CERT/CC registration

The "CERT Societe Generale" name was officially submitted and authorized by CERT/CC.
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